Electronic cigarette retail points are prohibited in these places in Tianjin →

Electronic cigarette retail points are prohibited in these places in Tianjin →

  Recently, the Tianjin Tobacco Monopoly Bureau released the "Tianjin Electronic Cigarette Retail Point Layout Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"). The plan is implemented from May 20, 2022.

  "Planning" is clear: According to factors such as market demand, market capacity and electronic cigarette enterprise costs, and reasonable profits of retail points, the quantity management of e -cigarette retail points is managed, according to factors such as population, economic development, consumer behavior habits, etc., and determine Tianjin City to determine Tianjin City. The number of e -cigarettes in various administrative areas, dynamically adjust and perform publicity procedures based on market changes, and optimize the space layout. // "Planning" also clarifies the place where the retail point of electronic cigarettes is not provided and the situation that must not be engaged in the e -cigarette retail business // These places do not set up electronic cigarette retail stores to easily induce minors’ attention, purchase, and absorbing electronic cigarettes.场所不予设置电子烟零售点,包括但不限于母婴用品店、文具店、玩具店、游乐场所、托幼机构、社会福利机构、图书馆(室)、科技馆(宫)、美术馆、 Youth Palace, public stadiums, off -campus training institutions, etc.

  // The following circumstances shall not engage in electronic cigarette retail business for selling electronic cigarettes or selling electronic cigarettes through information networks for less than three years.

  If the electronic cigarette that sells illegal production or does not as required to be in the country’s unified electronic cigarette transaction management platform transaction has been punished for less than three years, it shall not engage in e -cigarette retail business. Electronic cigarette products that are sold on the market are not set up by e -cigarette retail points.

  If there is a dishonesty behavior such as false reporting materials for not over a year, it is not allowed to engage in e -cigarette retail business.

  If there are laws and regulations and regulations, and the state of non -issued tobacco monopoly retail license stipulated in the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, shall not engage in electronic cigarette retail business: applicants who are non -civil behavior or restricted behavior capabilities; cancel the tobacco monopoly business Those who have been qualified for three years; commercial enterprises or individual industrial and commercial households that do not meet the relevant state regulations; those who conceal the relevant situation or provide false materials; because the applicant concealed the relevant situation or provided false materials, the tobacco monopoly bureau made no acceptance or does not accept it or does If the applicant shall be submitted again within one year after the permit decision is not given; the applicant shall be submitted again within three years after the applicant’s deceptive and bribes such as deception and bribery. The license to operate the electronic cigarette business, and has been punished by the law enforcement organs of more than twice within one year, and applied for within three years; the non -receiving tobacco monopoly retail license business was held criminally responsible for the electronic cigarette business and applied for within three years; the automatic vending machine was used to use the automatic vending machine. Or other automatic sales forms, selling or selling electronic cigarettes in disguise; electronic cigarettes through information networks; applicants who do not have a fixed place of business; the applicant’s operating venue is not independent from the residence; The operating venue of smoke includes but is not limited to the operation of chemical industry, pesticides, fertilizers, firecrackers, gas and other flammable and explosive, toxic and harmful and easy volatile places; Those extended to the outside of 200 meters; in the party and government agencies and hospitals; the operating venue has handled the tobacco specialty retail license that is still in the validity period; the laws and regulations stipulate that the regulations of the municipal and district people’s governments shall not be used in the market subject ( The place where the operating venue is); other situations that are not licensed. Note: The extension of the 200 -meter measurement standard extended by primary and secondary schools and kindergartens is based on the center point of the entrance and exit of the entrance. The measurement point should be measured in accordance with the traffic rules and daily walking habits. In addition, according to the "Tianjin Electronic Cigarette Retail Point Layout Plan", the number of e -cigarette retail points for various administrative areas is as follows.